DigiGrip Traction Kit (25 Nylon Finger Traps and 4 weights Included)

Part #: DG-5000

DigiGrip Traction Kit (Nylon Finger Traps Included)

The ISI Digi Grip Bundle allows for secure upper extremity traction - making it ideal for arthroscopic surgeries and casting procedures. Constructed of anodized aluminum and five 80-pound test stainless steel chains and clips that are designed with functionality in mind.  The economical Digi Grip is compatible with your existing traction apparatus, traction tower or IV poles. The ISI Digi Grip is proof you can have both economy and quality. 

The Digi Grip Bundle Includes:

  •  1 Anodized Aluminum Digi Grip Traction Device (includes 5 clips)
  •  2 Stainless Steel S Hooks
  •  1 Latex-Free Traction Strap
  •  5 XS Nylon Finger Traps
  •  5 S Nylon Finger Traps
  •  5 M Nylon Finger Traps
  •  5 L Nylon Finger Traps
  •  5 XL Nylon Finger Traps
  •  4 Weights (0.5lb, 1.5lb., 2.5lb., 5lb.)

Optional Features :


Max Weight Limit: 40 lbs

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