Extra-Large Alumi-Hand and Adult Carter Pillow Bundle

Part #: 760-CAP

Extra-Large Alumi-Hand and Adult Carter Pillow Bundle

This bundle is for the surgeon and the patient; It includes ISI's well known Alumi Hand and the Carter Arm Pillow. 

Sterile and disposable, the Alumi-Hand is ready to go as soon as you break open the seal. The Alumi-Hand is Lead-Free, Latex-Free, and X-ray compatible.

The Carter Pillow is available in both adult AND pediatric sizes. Unlike imitations, this is the "original" Carter Pillow designed by Dr. Peter Carter, MD. Not limited to hand surgery post-op patients, the Carter Pillow is especially valuable for the upper limb fracture outpatient care – they can take it home from the ER and you know that the elevation will be done right. Less swelling means less pain and smoother recovery. Easy to use, cost-effective, and ideal for the ER, post-op – and best of all – the patient’s home.

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