Hemaway Tri-Max / 15 gallon keg

Part #: H7625

Hemaway Tri-Max / 15 gallon keg
HEMAWAY TRI-MAX®, is a concentrated enzymatic detergent that works to break down stubborn organic
material with three powerful enzymes. Dried blood, tissue, mucous, and other bio-burdens in even hard to 
reach places such as box joints and tubing, are no match for the cleaning power of Hemaway Tri-Max.
This enzymatic detergent greatly reduces the need for scrubbing and prolongs the life of your surgical instruments.
Ideal for use in washer sterilizers, washers, ultrasonics, and manual washing.

• Highly Concentrated Formula for Automatic Washers       
• Removes Organic Materials; Even Dried on Blood

• Non-Hazardous      

• Fresh Mint Fragrance

• 1 gallon makes up to 256 gallons!   

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