Hemaway Tri-Max ULTRA - Highly Concentrated Enzymatic Solution (1 gal)

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Hemaway Tri-Max ULTRA - Highly Concentrated Enzymatic Solution (1 gal)
HEMAWAY TRI-MAX ULTRA®, is a super concentrated enzymatic detergent that works to break down stubborn organic
material with three powerful active enzymes. Dried blood, tissue, mucous, and other bio-burdens in even hard to 
reach places such as box joints and tubing, are no match for the cleaning power of Hemaway Tri-Max ULTRA.
This enzymatic detergent greatly reduces the need for scrubbing and prolongs the life of your instruments.
Ideal for use in washer sterilizers, washers, ultrasonics, and manual washing. Cleans metals, rubber, and

• Highly Concentrated Formula for Washer Sterilizers and Ultra Sonics     
• Removes Organic Materials; Even Dried on Blood

• Non-Hazardous      

• Fresh Lemon Fragrance

• Free Rinsing    

• 1 gallon makes up to 1280 gallons!                   

This super concentrated cleaner is sold in One Gallon jugs. Mix 1/10 to 1/4 ounce of Hemaway 
Tri-Max ULTRA per 1 gallon of warm water. Directions and Information printed on bottles label. 

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