Instra-Glide Jet Surgical Instrument Lubricant (1 gal)

Part #: J4100

Instra-Glide Jet Surgical Instrument Lubricant (1 gal)
Instra-Glide Jet® is a non-silicone surgical instrument lubricant (instrument milk) designed to 
keep instruments functioning properly. Instra-Glide Soak is water-soluble and 
provides a protective film without getting sticky and gummy. Safe for all 
metals, plastics, and rubber. Helps prevent rusting, staining, and corrosion. 
Preservatives added to prolong shelf life. 

• Non-Silicone                              

• Water-Soluble 

• Ready to Use                              
• Preservatives Added                  

• 1 gallon makes up to 128 gallons

This concentrated item is sold in One Gallon jugs. Mix 1 ounce of Instra-Glide Jet per 
1 gallon of water. Directions, Warranty, and Info printed on bottles label. 

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