Stand Alone Leg Prep (New)

Part #: MCM-154

Pads(replacement) for Single Loop Leg Prep; case of 12
There are many types of leg preppers in the industry that mount directly to the surgical table rail and support patients lower limbs.
However, these all attach to the table and are limited in positioning. The stand alone leg prep can be used next to the table just as
most others are used but can also be placed independently away from the table for various types of cases. Another great use for 
this leg prep is when surgery is performed on a stretcher or gurney instead of an OR Table. There is no rail on the stretcher to 
accommodate the standard leg prep but the stand alone leg prep is a great fit! Here are a few of the great benefits or this item:

  • Stand alone design will work with any OR Table, Stretcher or Gurney.
  • Top portion rotates easily to position at any angle.
  • Leg is more secure than attaching to some item that is not made for hanging leg off of such as an IV Pole.

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