Temperature Monitoring Units: Max Capacity: 72-liters: 40-3/4" W x 25-1/4" D x 35"

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Temperature Monitoring Units: Max Capacity: 72-liters: 40-3/4" W x 25-1/4" D x 35"
Part Number: LM-8292F-WW
Temperature Monitoring Units: Max Capacity: 72-liters; Overall Size: 40-3/4" W x 25-1/4" D x 35" H; Casters: heavy-duty, 2 w/brake - 5" 
  • Independent temperature sensing system allows you to consistently provide the utmost in patient safety by remaining informed about exact fluid temperatures. 
  • Separate RTD probe for trusted accuracy and stability. 
  • Display shows the actual interior temperature (independently verified) versus the set temperature to quickly confirm proper operation. 
  • Dedicated microprocessor for a highly accurate PID temperature control and verification temperature sensing systems. 
  • Low-heat-density electrothermal warming provides efficient and even heating. 
  • Maintain safe (±3ºF of current setting), accurate temperature levels. 
  • Electronic control with LED display allows you to set and monitor temperature levels and lock settings to eliminate tampering. 
  • Two operating modes ensure safe temperature levels for irrigation fluids, 98-150ºF (37-66ºC), or injection fluids, 98-104ºF (37-40ºC). 
  • Separate safety override feature prevents overheating. 
  • Alarm alerts you if temperature changes 10ºF (6ºC) from current setting. 
  • Window door allows you to easily monitor inventory level. 
  • Heavy-duty stainless steel exterior provides durability and ease of cleaning and sanitizing. 
  • Heavy-duty handle and hinges withstand repeated use. 
  • White epoxy-coated wire baskets conveniently hold surgical fluids packaged in bags or bottles. 

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