SSK-80 Stainless Steel Instrument Cleaner (15 gal keg)

Part #: S5225

SSK-80 Stainless Steel Instrument Cleaner (15 gal keg)

Stainless Steel Cleaner (SSK-80®) is a Rust, Stain & Mineral Deposits Remover for Medical & Dental Instruments. SSK-80 is the best and most convenient rust and stain remover for instruments in the industry. SSK-80 will inhibit new rust and extend the life of your instruments by removing rust, stains and mineral deposits. Pivot points, box joints and moving instrument parts will function better and SSK-80 leaves no residue. Simply add to the ultrasonic during the fill cycle and allow SSK-80 to do the dirty work for you!


  •  Use only on stainless steel instruments
  •  Free rinsing
  •  Non Hazardous
  •  Concentrated formula for use in ultrasonics
  •  Prolongs instrument life
  •  Pleasant fragrance
  •  Designed to be used on Stainless Steel Instruments only
  •  Mix Ratio for SSK-80 is 9:1  

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